Research group
Optoelectronic Interface Lab
Team leader:Liwei Chen
Research Interest:
1.Organic/inorganic hybrid thin-film PV devices;
2.High density energy storage devices;
3.Physical chemistry of interfaces in devices;
Nanobiophotonics Lab
Team leader:Qingbin Wang
Research Interest:
1.Novel optical properties of nanomaterials and nanostructures;
2.Photonic interactions between different nanomaterials;
3.Bioapplications of the novel optical properties.
Functional ultrathin films and 2D composite materials group
Team leader:Jian Jin
Research Interest:
1.Free-standing ultrathin films;
2.Nanoporous separation membranes;
3.Two-dimensional nanocomposite materials;
4.Nanomaterials for environmental sensing;
Environmental Nanotechnology and Intelligent Materials Group
Team leader:Wei Chen
Research Interest:
1.Sunlight-driven organic & inorganic semiconductor photocatalysis;
2.Stimuli-responsed polymer nanocomposite for sensor and actuator;
3.Carbon nanostructure based electrochemical energy storage and conversion
Micro/Nano Functional Materials and Devices
Team leader:Ting Zhang
Research Interest:
Nano Optics Laboratory
Team leader:Dongmin Wu
Research Interest:
1.Single molecule imaging, Near Infrared bio-imaging;
2.Silicon MEMS devices for mechanical and bio senor;
3.THz optics
Interface & single-molecule spectroscopy Lab
Team leader:Hongzhen Nin
Research Interest:
1.Photophysics of interfaces in organic and hybrid solar cells;
2.Plasmon-plasmon and plasmon-exciton interactions;
3.Energy and charge transfer in conjugated polymers and molecular
Bio-imaging and Bio-sensing Laboratory
Team leader:Jiang Jiang
Research Interest:
1.Multifunctional inorganic nanomaterial synthesis
2.MRI, non-linear optical microscopy and multimodal bio-imaging
3.Surface-enhanced spectroscopy and bio-sensing